Dermaroller treatment is done for treating Acne Scars, Wrinkles, Pigmentation and Hair loss. This process induces collagen production which is responsible for more strength and elasticity and fills up the depth of pits and thereby reduces the acne scars. The DERMAROLLER has special medical graded stainless steel needles that perforate the scar tissue easily. The scars become softer, leveled out and in most cases give a natural appearance.

Microneedling with dermarollers on the scalp triggers the body’s wound healing response and helps in the development of new hair follicles. it also stimulates blood circulation and increases nutrient supply to the follicles.

How long will the entire treatment take?

The dermaroller treatment can take 20 minutes to an hour depending on the areas to be treated.

Benefits of dermaroller treatment:

Short treatment time
Short healing period
Cost effective
Added advantage of Facial Rejuvenation
All skin types can be treated

Other Applications of Dermaroller

Acne scars
Scars—Chicken pox, Accidents, Burns
Stretch marks
Hair loss