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Fungi live all around you. Under certain favourable conditions they multiply quickly on the skin causing fungal diseases.
How can a person get fungal infection?
There are two ways by which you can get fungal infection.
In the first place, you can contract an infection from surrounding areas like bathroom carpets, swimming pools, sauna and other crowded, less clean areas.
Secondly high temperatures and high humidity can stimulate the growth of fungi which are normally present on your skin.
What does fungal infection look and feel like?
A fungal infection of the skin is seen as red itchy patches on the skin.
A fungal infection of the scalp can damage the hair roots and cause bald spots.
Fungal infection of the nails makes them thick, dull, yellowish or blackish and they break easily.
Yeast diseases of the mouth show up as grayish painful patches on the mucous membrane inside your mouth.
A yeast infection of the vagina can cause excessive whitish discharge and itching.
Athlete’s foot is when fungus shows up between the toes.
Should you consult a doctor?
Yes, if you think you have a fungal infection; it is wise to consult your dermatologist. Do not try to treat yourself. Your doctor will decide to either treat you with creams or tablets or both depending on the diagnosis and severity of the condition. Don’t stop the treatment yourself or when symptoms disappear, as fungal infections can relapse frequently.

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