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Atopic dermatitis in children is red itchy rash which typically affects the arms, legs and cheeks although it can affect any part. Often it disappears as the child grows older.

Maintaining a good skin barrier is the main goal of treatment.


  • Bathe for short time in lukewarm water.
  • Use gentle cleansers free of perfumes and preservatives.
  • Dry the skin gently with soft smooth cloth


  • Moisturisers are the backbone of treatment.
  • The most appropriate formulation prescribed by your doctor should be applied daily to the entire surface of the skin in sufficient quantities to minimize dryness.
  • The constant use of moisturizers even during remission prevents flare ups.


  • Wear cotton clothes. Avoid nylon, woolen or synthetic clothes.
  • Irritant clothes will aggravate the condition.

General Tips

  • Heat and sweat will aggravate dermatitis.
  • After games consider showering as soon as possible or use a wet towel to wipe it off.
  • Keep your house free of dust.
  • Grass may cause itch. Insect bites can be severe. Use covered clothing and insect repellent.


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